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Learning should be fun — even in the most extreme cases. That is why Soozy Pooch uses game plans as a fun and simple way to work with you and your dog to solve problems.

The Six-Visit Game Plan consists of six visits to your home and areas of concern. You will set up goals and be shown the steps on how to accomplish them. Each visit lasts 2 hours and is filled with games chosen for you and your dog to deal with any issues or problems you are having. You will learn: how to communicate with your dog and the correct way to obedience train, correct, discipline, encourage and praise your dog. You will also learn how to deal with and/or prevent issues of aggression, house soiling, jumping, digging, chewing, and hyperactivity. No matter what behavioral issues or miscommunication you are having…there is a solution!


This Three-Visit Game Plan consists of three 2 hour visits to your home and areas of concern. This program was created exclusively for the more experienced dog owner who is having trouble with specific issues such as: submissive urination, excessive barking, hyperactivity, digging and chewing. Whatever the problem, Soozy Pooch will choose the games you and your dog need to accomplish your goals and be able to live harmoniously together.

Contact Soozy Pooch today to discuss which program is best for you and your dog!




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If you share your life and home with a dog, it is important to understand the way your dog thinks.

Soozy Pooch has developed a fun and highly effective program that goes beyond basic obedience.

Soozy Pooch will help you to learn your dog’s language, and in turn help you teach your dog your language. Throughout the program, you will begin to understand your dog’s every thought and move to gain the knowledge and ability to deal with and/or prevent any behavioral issues that may develop throughout your lives together.

Soozy Pooch will explain, in detail, the steps you need to take to become a confident, strong, alpha leader.

Soozy Pooch will also help you to set up goals and successfully accomplish them. In the end, you and your dog will have a better understanding of one another and cultivate a healthier & happier relationship.

Soozy Pooch uses a proven method of learning that is fun and easy for everyone. Dogs of any age, adults and children will love the programs! There are 30 games in all, including:

  • Game #1 : TOP DOG
  • Game #12 :TRUST

Since each dog (and their human) is different from the next, Soozy Pooch mixes and matches the games to fit each client and the issues they are dealing with. By the end of the course you will accomplish your goals and have confidence in handling your dog.

Your dog will be better understood and much, much happier!


Classes at Amber Beech


So you got a puppy? Congratulations! Welcome into the world of sharing your home and time with one from the canine species. It is sure to be one amazing ride. Amber Beech's one time puppy class with SoozyPooch has just the right information on how to get you and your new pup off to a good start. This is a one-time, 2 hour class that will go over vital information that every human living with a dog should know. You will learn…

  • Dog/human body language and communication
  • Housebreaking techniques
  • How to handle puppy nipping and rough playing
  • Getting started on basic commands
  • T Touches (massage techniques)
  • The almighty canine hierarchy vs. the human family structure


Living with a dog can be wonderful. It can also be very challenging. Amber Beech is now offering group dog obedience classes, with SoozyPooch. A five week class that will help you to create a healthy relationship with your dog. Dogs of all ages (teen, young adult and adult) are encouraged to come and join.

You will learn…

  • The importance of Basic Obedience (sit/down/heel/come)
  • The canine hierarchy vs. human family structure
  • The proper use and timing of positive reinforcement and correction
  • Techniques for problem solving (jumping/house soiling/play nipping)

Give us a call and sign up for class today!

Amber Beech:215-493-2201