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Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement is a wonderful way for anyone to learn. You get immediate results and everyone is eager to put in the time because it is great fun.

1) Praise
When praising your dog your timing is crucial. The intensity of your
praise should be determined by your dog’s personality and reaction. Praising your dog the wrong way at the wrong time will actually
interrupt the learning process.

2) Food

Believe it or not some dogs are so anxious or nervous they will not
accept food from you. Therefore for this type of dog, this type of
reward system is useless.

A dog with aggression issues may become even more aggressive
when food is involved in the learning process. This can end up being dangerous.

There are some dogs that LOVE food and will do anything for it.
Great! Use it! However, make sure you use it properly and at the
appropriate time also you should already have a position above your dog in the pecking order. Some dogs (even the sweetest and most gentle) can end up training their owners when food is involved, instead of it being the other way around.

3) Games
If your dog is toy motivated... wonderful...use this to reward him/her.

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Soozy Pooch
Techniques & Methods

Every dog is unique, as is the dog's human. That's why the learning process is not black and white. Once understanding where your dog is coming from and the relationship you share, I feel it is important to mix and match the methods and techniques to fit you and your dogs needs.

> Corrections
Just like praise, timing and the intensity level in correcting are crucial and differ from dog to dog. There are many methods and tools used to correct unwanted behavior. Before using any of these it is important to be educated on how to use them properly. Using them improperly and at the wrong time will not give you the results you are looking for, can harm your dog and break his/her trust in you.

> Discipline
Think of Helen Keller…if her teacher Annie Sullivan did not step in and discipline Helen and teach her how to communicate, she would have never accomplished the many wonderful things she had done and lived the amazing life that she did. Everyone needs discipline to be taught the ways of the world and to live acceptably in society. Yet here we are bringing dogs into our homes and being shocked at the fact that they do not somehow already know and follow the rules of being in a human household. Dogs are dogs; they jump, dig, chew, run, bark, bite and roll around on smelly carcasses. This is who they are and what they do naturally. They need to be shown the rules of our human households through discipline, corrections and praise. They must also be given the freedom to be a dog in the appropriate places at the appropriate times; this makes everyone happy.

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