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The Soozy Pooch
Goal as Your Dog Behaviorist & Trainer

The main goal is to teach you how to properly and confidently handle your dog(s) in any situation.

There are many ways to get an immediate result out of your dog. The tricky part is to continue to get those results as time goes on.

Dogs are smart and most will test you every day. If you are one step ahead of your dog at all times, your dog will test you less and less and eventually listen at your first command. There is no easy fix. No dog trainer can come into your home and magically fix your dog. In most cases there is nothing wrong with the dog and the problem lies within the way the human communicates with their dog. I feel it is my job to teach you how to have control over your dog at all times. This takes practice, patience and a bit of energy to accomplish. However, when accomplished, the rewards are amazing!

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"I feel it is my job to teach you how to have control over your dog at all times."

Soozy Pooch Philosophy

I know when you and your dog are able share a respectful and trusting relationship you will live a harmonious life together. In order to accomplish this relationship with any living being you must know how to communicate with them. The Soozy Pooch philosophy is to know how to read your dog and know how to respond to get the results you want. Once you learn how to master this and earn each other’s trust, the rest is a piece of cake.

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