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Puppy Play Group for socialization at:

cat nook cafe logo
For Puppies 7 - 22 weeks of age
-unleashed freedom play for socialization
-learn how to read your pups body language
-basic understanding of social hierarchy for canines
-housebreaking techniques
-how to handle puppy nipping behavior
-get started in the basic command sit/stay/release

Dogs go through development stages of growth and learning (just like us humans do), the age bracket of 3 weeks to 5 months is one of the most important for a dog to learn how to interact socially with other dogs.n a family of dogs, puppies in this age bracket are learning social skills from their siblings and natural mother. They learn how to play, dominate and submit, read body language, the pressure in which to use their mouth and how to share or respect space and possessions. 

However young puppies should not be taken to areas of high dog population (like dog parks) until they are fully vaccinated, which makes socializing your new puppy difficult in this crucial time of development and learning. When a puppy is separated from other dogs in this crucial socialization period, they miss important lessons in life which may create a dog to act out in fear or aggression towards other dogs in their later development stages of life when they are fully vaccinated and safe to take around other dogs

In our puppy play group, your pup will have a safe and clean environment to be able to play and interact with other puppies in his/her age group. Think of it like a playground or kindergarten class.The group will be guided by Soozy Pooch who has been working with dogs and their owners for over 20 years.

Your new to the world puppy will be able to interact with the much needed “free play” with other puppies in the class (off leash) while Soozy Pooch will guide you (the owners of the puppies) in what to look for as far as body language and communication. This will give you a better understanding of how to read your puppy to know how he/she is feeling while interacting with the other pups. Knowledge of this information will help to guide you through the other developmental stages of your puppy as they grow through to adulthood.

In our puppy play group SoozyPooch will also go over housebreaking techniques, how to handle puppy nipping behaviors and get you started on the basic but also very important command sit/stay. 

...All of this while the kitties of ACDC in the cat nook cafe watch over the puppies playing from our glass wall from the cat adoption room right next door. 

What is needed to sign up for group play...

-for puppies 7-22 weeks of age (all breeds welcome)
-first visit is a $45 fee, any visit after is $20 (50% of payment will go to the medical care and food for the rescue cats of ACDC Cat Nook Cafe).
-advance registration is necessary
-need proof of puppy’s vaccination records from your veterinarian (first round of shots must be completed 7 days prior to first group class)
-for puppies over 16 weeks we will need proof of rabies vaccination
-we follow The American Veterinary Society of Animal Behaviors recommendation as it relates to their vaccination policies.

Sign up for group play and Register here!...